Hero Complex - Superhero Merchandise & Pop Culture Gear

We are proud to offer you a large selection of superhero merchandise and pop culture gear from Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and more. Find hoodies, t-shirts, hats, coffee mugs and beyond from the Hero Complex Store.
  1. Star Wars Book - A Galaxy All Their Own

    "A Galaxy All Their Own" Star Wars Book


    Hardcover, 144 pages, 11" x 8.5"

    Learn More
  2. Here Comes The Incredible Hulk T-Shirt

    "Here Comes The Incredible Hulk" T-Shirt

    Make way! This Incredible Hulk t-shirt from Marvel features a "Here Comes the Incredible Hulk" graphic barreling down the front, with a "There Goes..." graphic on the back. Learn More
  3. Big Face Batman Fitted Cap

    Big Face Batman Fitted Cap

    Get this cool Youth-sized Batman fitted cap, featuring a large design of Batman's cowl. Learn More
  4. Iron Man Full-Zip Hoodie

    Iron Man Full-Zip Hoodie

    Is that you, Tony Stark? This Iron Man hoodie is perfect for those days when you wish you could fly and shoot laser beams. 100% polyester with a full-zip front. Learn More
  5. Darth Vader Full-Zip Hoodie

    Darth Vader Full-Zip Hoodie

    Come over to the dark side with this epic Darth Vader full-zip hoodie from Star Wars. Learn More
  6. Wolverine Full-Zip Hoodie

    Wolverine Full-Zip Hoodie

    Check out this Wolverine hoodie from Marvel Comics, featuring a full-zip front and side pockets with Wolverine's distinct mask recreated on the hood. Learn More
  7. Classic Superman Shield Snapback Hat

    Classic Superman Shield Snapback Hat

    Get this great snapback Superman cap featuring the classic shield emblem on the front. Learn More
  8. '80s Metal Millennium Falcon T-Shirt

    '80s Metal Millennium Falcon T-Shirt

    The Rebel Alliance is back at work in this '80s metal rock design Millennium Falcon t-shirt. Learn More
  9. Black Suit Spider-Man Full-Zip Hoodie

    Black Suit Spider-Man Full-Zip Hoodie

    Fans will look positively venomous in this black suit Spider-Man hoodie. The hoodie zips up into a mask and features black suit's signature white spider. Learn More
  10. Subway Invincible Iron Man T-Shirt

    Subway Invincible Iron Man T-Shirt

    Iron Man has got what it takes to destroy his enemies on this black cotton tee featuring a vivid yellow and red subway style print of the Marvel Comics hero flexing some muscle. Learn More