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Los Angeles Times Back Issues

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Quick Overview:

>Order a back issue of the LA Times dated within the past 6 months. We are currently out stock of the 10/20/17 issue.
>Supplies are limited; limit 5 per issue.
>Subscriber premiums*, special sections and sales flyers are not included in any back issue copy.
>All sales are final and non-refundable.

Please allow 15-20 days for delivery of this item.

*Subscriber premiums include but not limited to Design LA, NFL Preview, Jonathan Gold 101, Holiday Gift Guide, and Year in Review.

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The Los Angeles Times sells "hard" copies of the newspaper, going back 6 months, Back issues do not include special sections, ads or inserts and all are final sales and non-refundable.  

Current back issue rates, which include shipping and handling within the United States, are $11.75 Sunday and $7.25 for a daily paper.

Due to copyright matters we are unable to sell more than 5 papers of any particular date. If your order requires more than 5 copies, you must forward your request to the Reprints and Permissions department at reprint@latimes.com

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